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Code of Conduct

The following are the Golden Rules of Riding Golden Gate Ferry:

  • Everyone needs to pay his/her fair share. Please pay your fare.
  • Ferry customers without tickets or a Clipper card should arrive at the terminal at least 20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Smoking, including "vaping" or electronic cigarettes ("e-cigarettes"), is not allowed anywhere onboard the ferry, or in ferry terminals.
  • Don't abuse or damage property or equipment, including creating graffiti or scratchitti or vandalizing fixtures.
  • Don't be a litter bug. Clean up after yourself.
  • Restricted areas, including the pilothouse, navigator's bridge, or concession locations, are off-limits to passengers.
  • Weapons, firearms, explosives, flammable materials, or corrosive liquids cannot be brought onboard.
  • Soliciting or panhandling is not allowed. 
  • Please let disabled persons, persons using wheelchairs, and senior citizens use priority seating.
  • Please listen to music or media devices only with headphones or earphones.
  • Keep cell phone conversation to a minimum.
  • Charging of e-bikes, scooters, or any other electric mobility device is prohibited on-board a Golden Gate Ferry vessel. 
  • Don't get separated from your belongings.
  • Golden Gate Ferry takes suspicious activities seriously. Please report all unusual activities to a staff person immediately.
  • When maritime security is heightened, passengers may be subject to screening. Mandatory search is required when security levels reach high alert (MARSEC III).

Violation of any of these rules can result in arrest, fine, refusal of service, and/or ejection from the system.

Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
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