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Daily Parking

Paying the daily Larkspur Ferry parking fee using the Parkmobile system is easy. 

Step 1 - REGISTER 

You'll need to set up a Parkmobile account. You can do this online, using the mobile app, or over the phone. Note: License plate or stall number and credit card number are required, and users are required to accept Parkmobile's Terms and Conditions to use the system for daily parking. 

  • Online. Open a "Basic Membership" at 
  • Mobile app. Download the free Parkmobile app from your mobile device's app store. License plate or stall number and credit card number are required. New cars should use last 4 digits of VIN, preceded by “VIN” in place of license plate number (ie, “VIN1234”).
  • Phone. Call toll free 877-727-5718. You can open your account using an automated system at no cost or by using a live operator for a one-time fee of $5.00.


  • Online. Login to your account at 
  • Mobile app. Open the mobile app. Note: "time remaining" counts down to 12:59:59pm when a parking fee is no longer required.
  • Phone. Call toll-free 877-727-5718 (available 24/7).


Enter Zone Number 111 which applies to the Larkspur Ferry terminal and overflow parking lots. 

More Information

Daily fee payment methods accepted

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Parkmobile Wallet
  • Employer-sponsored parking benefit payments (for example, WageWorks, Commuter Check, etc.). Benefits in the form of paper vouchers and checks are not accepted for daily parking fee. Note: "parking benefits" are different from "transit benefits."
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