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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Monthly Parking Permit Rights and Transferability

The purchase of a Monthly Parking Permit entitles the Customer to park one motor vehicle (identified by a unique license plate number) in the Larkspur Ferry Terminal Lot (LFT Lot). A Monthly Parking Permit Holder (Permit Holder) has the option to assign up to five vehicles per permit, but only one of those vehicles will be valid on a given day. It is the Permit Holder’s responsibility to manage multiple vehicles. A Monthly Parking Permit is only valid at the LFT Lot and may not be transferred, assigned, or conveyed in any way to another parking lot. A Monthly Parking Permit will be valid only during the calendar month for which the Customer has paid. No deductions or allowances from the monthly rate charged will be honored for any day(s) on which the vehicle does not park at the LFT Lot.

No Guarantee of Parking Space

Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A Customer is not guaranteed that a parking space will be available for occupancy in the LFT Lot on every day or at any time the Customer enters the LFT Lot.


A Permit Holder may cancel monthly parking privileges at any time by simply not renewing the monthly permit. Customers who terminate a Monthly Parking Permit prior to the end of the calendar month will not qualify for a prorated refund.

Automatic Parking Permit Renewal

Customers may elect to have the Monthly Parking Permit automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis. Should a Customer elect automatic monthly permit renewal, the applicable monthly parking fee will be charged on the 25th day of the current month. Monthly parking fees collected via automatic renewal will not be refundable.

No Storage or Abandonment

The LFT Lot may not be used for the long-term storage of a motor vehicle. Parking is limited to a maximum of 24 hours. Any violation of this policy is subject to ticketing and towing.

No Liability of District

Payment of the applicable monthly parking fee grants the Customer a license to park only, and no bailment is intended or shall be created. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the District, its officers, directors, agents, employees, successors or assigns, shall not be responsible or liable to any extent for (i) damages to or theft of any vehicle or its contents due to fire, collision, vandalism, or any other cause, (ii) injuries or liabilities suffered by any person while using the LFT Lot, or (iii) any losses or other damages incurred by any party by reason of that party’s inability to use the LFT Lot.

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