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Parking Etiquette

Center your vehicle in its parking space.

Overhanging the stripes will tend to crowd the driver who parks in the adjacent space, and frequently leads to door dings, scratches, and dents.

Pull your vehicle all the way into the space.

Align your bumper with the bumpers of surrounding vehicles. This makes it for easier other drivers to see past your car and gives the widest possible driving lane between spaces. Avoid curb hopping too, to protect landscaping and irrigation.

Never force your car into a space.

In the Larkspur Terminal lot, the ends of rows and perimeter lanes offer slightly wider spaces.

Exit and enter your car with caution.

Don’t swing your car door open. If you accidently damage another vehicle, do the right thing and identify yourself in a note left in a conspicuous place on the damaged vehicle. You could be charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run per California Vehicle Code if you don’t.

Drive in the right direction.

Most lanes are one-way. 

Always drive with caution and observe posted signs, crosswalks, and speed limits.

These are for the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. Designated carpool (HOV) and disabled parking areas are clearly marked.

Keep the parking lot clean.

Receptacles are placed in convenient locations for recycling, trash, and cigarette butts.

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