Golden Gate Transit Bus Schedules

red-alertOn Thursday, Nov. 26 & Friday, Nov. 27, Golden Gate Transit Routes 30, 40, 70 & 101 will run Holiday schedules. Commute service will NOT operate.

Service on Routes 2, 4C, 8, 24, 24C, 24X, 25, 38, 38A, 40X, 54C, 56X, 58, 72X, 74, 76, 92, and 101X is currently suspended, and service on Routes 4, 18, 27, and 54 is currently reduced and/or modified. Additional service changes will go in effect on Sunday, December 13, 2020; read about these at Regional Bus Changes Go In Effect December 13, 2020. For a comprehensive list of service changes and transit alternatives, go to Golden Gate Bus & Ferry Service Adjustments During Coronavirus Pandemic

Additionally, please refer to the following:

Golden Gate Transit and Ferry Limiting Passengers on Board, Requiring Use of Face Masks
Golden Gate Transit Helps Muni Customers During Service Reduction

All information is subject to change. 

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