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Angel Island Group Tickets

Please read carefully below before submitting your group ticket request. 

  • Requests for group pricing must be submitted at least 10 business days before your travel date.
  • Your group must be a minimum of 20 fare-paying passengers. All members of the group must be traveling on the same trip.
  • Group fares are non-refundable and are not exchangeable. 
  • Angel Island is a popular destination for school programs. To qualify for the discounted school group rate, please apply through Angel Island State Park's Service prior to requesting group sales information. 
  • If you plan to use your school's procurement process, please allow additional time to process your purchase order. A GGBHTD W9 is available by request. 
  • Please note that if your group is not eligible for the group rates, please check our regular fares as your group will be charged based on these fares. View our regular fares here. 

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