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Within Golden Gate

Transfers may be made within the Golden Gate Transit and Ferry system and between other Bay Area transit operators.

Transfers may be used up to three times within a two-hour period if traveling within one county or within three hours if traveling between counties. Your transfer can be used to complete a one-way trip or a round trip within a single county. 

When using Clipper, transfers are handled automatically. Always remember to tag on and tag off when riding Golden Gate Transit buses. 

Transferring between Golden Gate Transit buses

If paying your fare with cash, tell the driver your final destination when boarding your bus and ask for a transfer. If using Clipper, simply tag on and off each bus.

Transferring from Golden Gate Ferry to Golden Gate Transit

Pay your ferry fare when entering the Ferry Terminal (ferry ticket, Clipper card, or Clipper mobile app on your smart phone) and then your bus fare when boarding a bus. If paying with Clipper (card or mobile app), tag on when entering the Ferry Terminal, and then tag on and tag off when boarding/getting off the bus. 

Transferring from Golden Gate Transit to Golden Gate Ferry

Tell the driver your final destination and deposit the full transbay fare into the farebox when boarding the bus. The driver will issue you a transfer which you will then present to the Terminal Agent at the Ferry Terminal. If using Clipper (card or mobile app), simply  tag on and tag off the bus and then tag on again when entering the Ferry Terminal faregate. 

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