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Cash or a Change Card

When boarding the bus, tell the driver your final destination so the appropriate fare can be charged. Show proper identification (your RTC card or youth ID, for example) to receive a discounted fare.


Using Cash 

Insert your cash and coins into the farebox. The location for the bill-slot and coin-drop is the lower right corner (see figure 1). The farebox will not accept bills over $20. Bills should be flat and unfolded. Drop coins one at a time.

If you do not have exact change, you will not receive cash back. If you are due more than $1 in change, you will instead be issued a Change Card that can be used on future bus rides. The value of the Change Card will be printed on the back.



figure 1


Using a Change Card

Insert the change card in the activation slot on the top left of the farebox. The farebox will deduct the appropriate fare and the remaining balance will be printed on the back of the card. If the remaining balance on your change card is less than your appropriate fare, you can use up to three (3) change cards to pay your fare (insert the lowest balance card first) or you can combine change card(s) with cash to pay your fare.

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