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Passes & Transfers

Marin Transit Passes

Day & Monthly 

Day and monthly passes are available for unlimited rides within Marin County for adults, youth, and seniors/persons with disabilities. Day passes are only issued from the farebox on board all Golden Gate Transit and Marin Transit buses that operate within Marin County. Monthly (31-day) passes can be purchased online, over the phone (call 511 and say "Golden Gate Transit," then "operator"), or in person at the Customer Service Center at the San Rafael Transit Center (850 Tamalpais Ave, Platform D). For more information, visit the Marin Transit website

Marin Transit passes provide unlimited trips within Marin County in a given time period, so you no longer need to get a transfer from your bus driver. Simply swipe your pass every time you board the bus. Marin Transit passes may not be used outside Marin County.

For the Day Pass:

1. Tell the driver that you'd like to purchase a day pass and if you qualify for a discount.

Insert exact fare ($5 for adults, $2.50 for youth/senior/disabled) into the farebox as usual, using the dollar bill and coin slot. The farebox will eject a magnetic striped card. This is your day pass.

3. Take the pass and move into the bus. Passes do not need to be swiped on your first bus ride.

For Day & Monthly Passes:

1. Passes need to be swiped through the farebox each time you board the bus.
2. The first time you use the pass, "dip" your pass in the farebox so it will start the activation date (except for day passes). For all following trips, slide your pass through the diagonal slot located at the top right of the farebox with the magnetic stripe facing you.

A BEEP will sound alerting you and the driver that the pass has been accepted.

4. A WARBLE will sound when a pass is misread, invalid or expired. If this happens, swipe it again. If a second WARBLE sounds, please pay the standard fare by another means.
Take Care of Your Marin Transit Pass: Passes should not get wet or be exposed to the sun; should not be wrinkled, torn or folded; and should not be written on.

Adult 31-Day

Youth 31-Day

Senior/Disabled 31-Day

Marin Transit Youth Pass

Marin Transit Youth Pass provides unlimited rides on all Marin Transit routes. The pass is NOT valid on Golden Gate Transit commute or regional routes, such as Routes 101, 130, and 150. For more information, visit the Marin Transit website.  

Golden Gate Transit / Marin Transit Transfers

Your cash fare gives you up to two (2) free transfers when riding Golden Gate Transit or Marin Transit buses or when riding between Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry. Transfers are valid for two (2) hours when riding within a single county or for three (3) hours when riding between counties.  

Transfers are issued by the farebox only at the time you pay your fare and may be used only by the individual to whom it is issued. Advise the driver of your destination when boarding the bus and if you will need a transfer to continue your trip. 

Travel is valid within the date-time period indicated on the paper transfer. Transfers are good for same-direction travel when riding between counties; round trip transfers are permitted within a single county. 

When paying with Clipper, transfers are automatically tracked so a paper transfer is not needed. When riding with a Marin Transit pass, a paper transfer is not needed, but you'll need to swipe your pass in the farebox on each bus you ride.

More info about transfers to/from Golden Gate Transit and other agencies here >>

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