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Save Time & Money with Clipper

Clipper is a discounted fare-payment method that can be used on every Bay Area transit agency. Clipper payments can be made with your smart phone or with a Clipper card. Compare cash fares to Clipper fares here >>

Where to Buy:

  • Mobile Payment - RECOMMENDED!: Use Apple Pay or Google Pay to add Clipper Card to your mobile wallet and pay via phone, instructions here >>
  • Physical Cards. Purchase at ticket vending machines (TVMs) locations here >>
  • Order Cards Online here >>
  • Youth or RTC Cards. Visit Golden Gate Transit Customer Service Center at the San Rafael Transit Center in Marin County. For locations in another county check here >>
  • Clipper App. Use the app to manage your cards. Add value, set up autoload, and check your balance! Get the app here >>

clipper-card-adultHow to Use: 

  • Tag on. When boarding Golden Gate Transit, locate the reader "tag" your card or phone by holding it near the Clipper logo on the reader at the front of the bus.
    • Green Light. The reader should beep and display a green light.
    • Yellow Light. If your balance is low, the reader will beep twice and display a yellow light, you will need to add value to your account before your next trip.
    • Red Light. If you do not have enough value in your account, the reader will beep three times and display a red light, and you will not be able to pay your fare with Clipper.
  • Tag off! To be charged the correct fare, tag off before you exit the bus or Clipper will charge you the maximum fare from your departure location. 

Note: Clipper may not be used for Giants Ferry or for group travel - one account per passenger per trip. 

To request a refund or adjustment or to report a lost or damaged card, visit the Clipper Customer Support webpage.

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