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Code of Conduct

Following are the Golden Rules of Riding Golden Gate Transit buses.

  • Everyone needs to pay his/her fair share. Please pay your full fare to your final destination.
  • Please let the operator do his/her job. Don't interfere with the operator's control while the bus is in motion.
  • Don't drink alcohol on the bus and ride. It's against the law.
  • Smoking, including "vaping" of electronic cigarettes ("e-cigarettes"), is not allowed onboard the bus or ferry or within 20 feet of any bus shelter or terminal. That's the law.
  • Don't abuse or damage property or equipment, including creating graffiti or scratchitti or vandalizing fixtures.
  • Treat your fellow passengers kindly - don't abuse, threaten, or use obscene language.
  • Clean up after yourself. Don't be a litter bug.
  • For everyone's safety, please don't carry a weapon, firearm, explosive, flammable material, or corrosive liquid onboard.
  • Respect others - please no soliciting or panhandling.
  • Please let disabled persons, persons using wheelchairs, and senior citizens use priority seating.
  • Listen to music or media devices only with headphones or earphones.
  • Keep cell phone conversations to a minimum.
  • Do not eat or drink onboard the bus.
  • Any item brought onboard must be stored in the overhead luggage racks, underneath the seat, or on your lap.
  • Golden Gate Transit takes suspicious activities seriously and will report them immediately.

Violation of any of these rules can result in arrest, fine, refusal of service, and/or ejection from the system.

Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
Golden Gate Code of Conduct
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