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Cell Phone Tips

Cell phone use is permitted on buses and ferries as long as you don´t disturb your fellow passengers, the bus driver, or ferry personnel. If the bus driver, a deckhand, or a fellow passenger asks you to lower your voice or shorten your call, please cooperate.

  • Please be courteous and aware of others around you when using your cell phone. Not everyone is as excited about your conversation as you may be.
  • Speak at a lower volume to avoid disturbing those around you.
  • Keep your calls short and to the point - fellow customers may be trying to sleep or relax.
  • Use silent or vibrating ringer options.
  • Refrain from accepting incoming calls when possible. If you must receive a call, keep your cell phone handy so you can answer quickly.
  • Utilize your cell phone´s caller ID or text messaging features to screen incoming calls. Let your voice mail handle non-urgent calls.

Keep it Short, Keep it Down, Keep it Quiet, or Keep it Off!

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