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Underbelly Racks at SF Stops


In San Francisco, due to safety considerations, underbelly bike racks may NOT be used at the bus stops listed below. In addition, these underbelly racks may NOT be used at any temporary bus stop.

For tips for loading & unloading your bike, visit our Loading & Unloading Your Bike page.



Location Bus Stop ID GGT Bus Service Direction
Battery St & Jackson St 40049 Financial District Southbound
First St & Stevenson St 40054 Financial District Southbound
Howard St & Fremont St 40068 Financial District Southbound
Geary Blvd & Masonic Ave 41052 Geary Blvd Southbound
Golden Gate Ave & Laguna St 40060 Geary Blvd Southbound

Perry St & 3rd St 42213 Financial District/Civic Center Northbound
Folsom St & Second St 40006 Financial District/Civic Center Northbound
Fremont St & Mission St 40074

Financial District

Fremont St btw Mission St & Market St 40057
Financial District Northbound
Sansome St & Vallejo St 42006

Financial District


Sansome St & Lombard St 40082 Financial District Northbound
North Point St & Stockton St 40046

Financial District

North Point St & Hyde St 40042 Financial District Northbound
Van Ness Ave & Chestnut St 40040 Financial District Northbound
Richardson Ave & Francisco St 40036 Financial District/Civic Center Northbound
McAllister St & Hyde St 40022 Civic Center /Geary Blvd Northbound
Van Ness Ave & Clay St 40030 Civic Center Northbound
Van Ness Ave & Union St 40032 Civic Center Northbound


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