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Previous Planning

Improving access to transit in Marin County and the North Bay Area is consistent with transportation goals established in the San Rafael Transit Center Relocation Study and the San Rafael Downtown Station Area Plan adopted in 2012.

A key part of the vision developed through the Station Area Plan process is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for transit users and a pleasant connection between the transit center and surrounding neighborhoods. The new transit center will be more inviting, easier to use, and improve quality of life for the residents, students, and those who work in San Rafael. It also brings the opportunity to enhance the vibrancy of downtown San Rafael with a new public space. By making public transit more desirable and functional, car trips can be reduced and transit ridership may increase.

The San Rafael Transit Center Relocation Study was a two-year effort led by the City of San Rafael in close partnership with the Bridge District, Marin Transit, SMART, Transportation Authority of Marin,and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to gain insight into the transit demands in and around the SRTC. The study analyzed and documented the needs of the transit center, the transit and land use constraints of the surrounding area, and identified and evaluated a set of potential solutions to address both short-term and long-term transit center needs.

Building upon previous planning efforts, this current project will define feasible alternatives, solicit and integrate community feedback, identify a preferred alternative, obtain environmental clearance, and advance the project through the preliminary design phase.

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