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Board Committees

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors meets monthly at 10:00 a.m., in the Board Room of the Administration Building at the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza in San Francisco, California. In each calendar year, the Board may hold one or more regular meetings in each of the other five counties of the District. All meetings are subject to change - please consult the Board Calendar for the meeting information.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee:

  • Reviews and oversees all matters affecting the Bridge traffic and bus and ferry transit systems, including transit equipment, routes and services.

Finance-Auditing Committee

The Finance-Auditing Committee:

  • Reviews all fiscal matters, including revenues, expenditures, investments, and all other related fiscal matters;
  • Reviews and monitors the annual operating and capital budget;
  • Reviews financial reports, auditing reports and accounting practices;
  • Reviews applications for federal and state grant funding;
  • Provides general stewardship of the District’s funds;
  • Reviews all insurance programs;
  • Reviews, analyzes, and assesses, in conjunction with the Attorney, all claims, and litigation matters, as well as potential exposures of the District, and reports periodically on said matters to the Board of Directors; and,
  • Settles District liability claims, including workers’ compensation claims, within the $50,000 settlement authority of the Committee.

Building and Operating Committee

The Building and Operating Committee:

  • Reviews and oversees the planning, design and construction programs for Bridge and transit facility capital improvement projects; and
  • Reviews and oversees Bridge and transit facility maintenance, repair and research projects.

Governmental Affairs and Public Information Committee

The Governmental Affairs and Public Information Committee:

  • Reviews and evaluates all federal, state and local legislation affecting the District's operations; and 
  • Reviews and develops programs and procedures for public information, press relations, marketing, advertising and community participation.

Rules, Policy and Industrial Relations Committee

The Rules, Policy and Industrial Relations Committee:

  • Reviews and updates the Rules of the Board, Human Resources Guide and Procurement Manual; 
  • Reviews, develops and oversees personnel policies and employer-employee relations; and 
  • Reviews and oversees the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs.

Special Workshops

As part of its community outreach, the District periodically hosts special workshops to provide additional information or education on potential impacts to transit services and Bridge operations. Details on special workshops will be listed in the Board Calendar.

Public Hearings

Public hearings are called by the Board of Directors to consider public comment on a variety of matters, including implementing a toll adjustment; considering a new fare; raising an existing fare; and implementing a major reduction in service.

According to District policy, a notice of the time and place of the meeting will be issued and will include a general, brief explanation of the matter to be considered. The notice shall also state where and when the staff report or other information about the subject of the hearing will be available for public review. Public hearing information is also available in the Board Calendar.

Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Retirement Investment Trust Board

The OPEB Retirement Trust Board meetings are held semi-annually and are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act, California Government Code Section 54950 et seq. The Trust Board oversees the funding of retiree health benefits and other post-employment benefits for the District’s eligible retirees.

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