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Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Retirement Investment Trust Board

Trust Board Members: Chair Rabbitt; Vice-Chair Pahre; Members Dorsey, Giudice, Grosboll, Hernández, Mastin, Rodoni and Cochran; Auditor-Controller Joseph Wire (Ex Officio).

The OPEB Retirement Trust Board meetings are held semi-annually and are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act, California Government Code Section 54950 et seq. The Trust Board oversees the funding of retiree health benefits and other post-employment benefits for the District’s eligible retirees.

OPEB Trust Board meeting information and documents are available in the Events Calendar here.


April 27, 2023 OPEB MEETING 

October 26, 2023 OPEB meeting

march 21, 2024 opeb meeting 

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