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ARCHIVED Golden Gate Bridge District Service Updates For COVID-19 and Shelter-In-Place Orders

March 19, 2020 04:30 PM

The District is reducing Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry service in response to the Bay Area Shelter-In-Place orders (Orders). Transit is considered an essential service under the Orders, so we are maintaining transit operations but reducing the frequency of service. Per the Orders, most people should be staying at home and only take transit for essential trips, such as buying groceries or going to work at businesses or agencies that remain open under the Orders. Our goal with these adjustments is to ensure that there is enough service to maintain social distancing for riders who need to take transit, while recognizing that running empty buses and ferries would not be prudent.

In response to the Shelter-in-Place Orders, we have made the following changes to our Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry service:

  • Weekend ferry service has been suspended until further notice.
  • Weekday ferry service between Larkspur and San Francisco is operating under reduced schedules.
  • Weekday ferry service between Tiburon / Sausalito and San Francisco is operating in triangle service under reduced schedules. This means all ferry trips between Tiburon / Sausalito and San Francisco will stop at all three locations in both directions.
  • Weekday and weekend bus service is operating under reduced schedules. For the latest schedule information, please visit the complete list of schedule adjustments

The District will continue to monitor transit ridership under the Shelter-In-Place Orders and may adjust service further, as needed.

At the Golden Gate Bridge, we are maintaining essential functions, such as Bridge Security and maintenance staff, and monitoring traffic closely. Thus far, we have seen a dramatic decrease in Bridge traffic since the Orders went into effect on Tuesday, March 17. On the first morning of the Orders, Bridge traffic between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. declined by 70%, compared to the same time last year. The good news is that the public is largely obeying the Shelter-In-Place Orders, helping our communities stay healthy and safe during this crisis.

In response to the decrease in Bridge traffic, we are no longer performing median barrier moves for the morning and evening commutes, and the Bridge will remain in a 3:3 lane configuration throughout the day. Per the Orders, public works projects are exempt from travel restrictions, so we will move the barrier into a 4:2 lane configuration overnight on weekdays to allow Suicide Deterrent System construction to continue. All-electronic tolling remains in effect at the Golden Gate Bridge during the Orders.

The steep decline in Bridge tolls and transit fares poses a unique challenge to the District’s revenues that we expect will last through the duration of the Orders. We have reserves in place to ensure we can continue essential operations and are working with fellow Bay Area transit operators as well as regional, state, and federal partners to supplement reduced fare revenues and Bridge tolls.

Our mission at the District is to provide mobility to communities in the Golden Gate corridor by bridge, bus, and ferry. During this crisis, we remain committed to providing essential service to our communities for the duration of the Orders.


Media Contact:

Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz / Public Affairs Manager
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District / 415-629-9999 (text is best)

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