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LIFETILES: Animation of the Construction of the Bridge

About LIFETILES Animated Murals

By combining hundreds of 3-pound, 8-inch square, lens-ribbed glass tiles, Eye Think, Inc. is able to create large-scale “Movies for the Wall” optical murals that appear to come to life, move, and change when the observer walks by them. LIFETILES murals contain no moving parts. The motion is in the eye of the beholder.

This mural is composed of 165 hand-cast glass tiles. Each tile contains permanently kiln-fired scrambled images which are decoded by the lensed tile ribs. The LIFETILES medium was originated by Rufus Butler Seder, who is the only artist working in it.

Additional Media

Each LIFETILE is individually sand blasted by hand.

Each LIFETILE is closely inspected for even the smallest flaws, or irregularities.

Lifetiles Mural: Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

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