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New Hybrid Buses Join Golden Gate Transit Fleet! Enjoy the Ride!

Hybrid Electric Buses Join the Golden Gate Transit Fleet!

Golden Gate Transit is proud to introduce 67 new hybrid buses into our fleet. The hybrids will join our fleet gradually over the next couple of months, replacing the Orion diesel 1500-series buses that entered service in 2004.

Using a combination of electricity and diesel, the new buses are 25% cleaner burning than the buses they are replacing. They are manufactured locally, by Gillig, located in Livermore, and feature engines specifically built for hilly, long Golden Gate Transit routes.

“These buses help us provide cleaner burning vehicles, cutting down on both the use of diesel fuel and emissions,” says Keith Nunn, Director of Bus Maintenance. “They will also allow our mechanics to prepare for a future transition to a fully electric fleet.”

The total project budget of $67,600,000 is largely grant funded, with $57,460,000 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds (85%), $3,624,612 Low Carbon Transit Operations Program funds (5%), and $6,515,388 District funds (10%).

The new buses feature large windows, USB and power outlets, overhead lights, high-back upholstered seats, front-mounted bike racks, and free Wi-Fi. Keep your eyes open for the new vehicles and enjoy the ride!



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