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Posted March 1, 2013

10 Pilot Cash Payment Locations for Paying Golden Gate Bridge Tolls Using CASH are now Operational

Final Cut-Over to Golden Gate Bridge All Electronic Tolling on Track for the end of March 2013

Functionality testing of the various Golden Gate Bridge All Electronic Tolling systems has been underway since January 30, 2013. Testing is going well, with all components functional including:

  1. Open a FasTrak Account: This functionality has been in place since we launched this in July 2000, and continues as is.
  2. Three NEW Pay-By-Plate Options: These three payment functionalities are all up and operational now: Open a License Plate Account, Make a One-Time Payment, or Pay a Toll Invoice.

Today, March 1, a CASH payment option rolls out that is best suited for those who prefer to use cash to pay tolls and specifically for unbanked customers who rely on CASH to pay their toll. Ten pilot Cash Payment Locations are equipped with easy-to-use stationary touch-screen kiosks (click for screenshots: Home Screen, Toll Payment Welcome Screen) which customers can use to pay bills as well as FIVE different CASH-BASED Golden Gate Bridge transactions. These include:

  1. Make a One-Time Toll Payment, includes option for vehicle with No License Plate (click for screenshots: One-Time Payment, No-Plate Payment)
  2. Add Funds to a FasTrak Account (Replenish Account) (click for screenshot)
  3. Add Funds to License Plate Account (Replenish Account) (click for screenshot)
  4. Pay a Toll Invoice (click for screenshot)
  5. Pay a Toll Violation Payment (click for screenshot)

Customers using these kiosks to pay a Toll Invoice or make a One-Time Payment pay $6 per Golden Gate Bridge crossing, with no added fees. Ultimately, a network of 150 Cash Payment Locations will be available throughout the Bay Area by the time we make the cut-over to the new system at the end of March.

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