(Staff Report for June 27, 2002
Finance-Auditing Committee)

Comments Received through June 28, 2002

As of June 28, 2002, a total of 5,525 public comments on a potential toll increase have been received through several formats including the open house meetings, on-line website comment form, U.S. mail, and fax. Each comment has been summarized as shown in the tally below. As many of the comments offered more than one observation, the total number of comments in all categories combined exceeds the total number of comments received.

l.    I would support the toll increase options or a slight modification of one of the options.

614   on-line
92   other

706   total

II.    I might support if you considered something different from current options.

207   on-line
59   other

266   total

III.    I don't support any toll increase under any circumstances.

912   on-line
213   other

1,125   total

IV.     Comments not directly related to toll options under study

389   on-line
145   other

534   total

V.     I support implementing tolls for bicyclists and pedestrians on the bridge.

Yes   137   on-line
Yes   30   other

    167   total
No   933   on-line
No   1,794   other

    2,727   total

NOTE: The sum of the toll-related comments in all categories combined can, and likely will, exceed the total number of emails/letters received.